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"Piles are bulging, inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that are painful and bleed easily. When these blood vessels enlarge, the tissues above them are strained, which causes hemorrhoids. This process results in a pouch-like structure that tightens up during our bowel motions, producing pain and discomfort."

Dr. Piles Free medicine is a special Ayurvedic and herbal medicine that will help you to get relief from this dreadful problem. This drug has also been certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, and it does not have any negative side effects when used. Medicines can be used to get rid of the extra tissue that causes bleeding, and they work by different mechanisms. Take this medicine topically to get rid of piles completely. You can eliminate chronic piles with regular use of this medication.

Key Ingredients


(Embelia Ribes)
with Anti-Helminthic properties, it balances digestive fire & expels extra fat & excess vata dosha from intestine

Tamra Bhasam

(Incinerated Copper)
Helps reduce Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


(Wrightia antidysenterica)
Helps managing bleeding piles due to astringent property, heals wounds

Nag Keshar

(Mesua ferrea)
Supports Digestion because of Pachan properties , Heals Bleeding

How to Use


Capsule: Take 1 capsule with water twice daily.

Capsule: Take 1 capsule with water twice daily.


Powder - 2 tsp after dinner.

Powder - 2 tsp after dinner.


Oil- Rub the afflicted region with oil.

Oil- Rub the afflicted region with oil.

How does it work?

• Reduces swelling, itching, and burning
• Helps in shrinking piles mass

• Antimicrobial and soothing in nature
• Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

• Helps normalize bowel movements
• helps in wound healing

Get Every Answer From Here

Yes; It is possible to treat piles without having to undergo operation Ayurveda is well known to treat without surgery. However, one needs to follow some precautions in food habits. The natural herbs are the most common methods used by Ayurveda practitioners to treat the problem.

The recurrence rate in case of piles treated with the help of Ayurveda is much less than other treatment methods. Surgery is not required at all in some patients. The use of Ayurveda herbs treat piles from its root cause i.e strain during passing stools or chronic constipation.

Yes, It helps for Internal and External Piles.

Dr Piles Free is 100% natural & safe medicine and has been certified by Ayush Ministry.

It is made in a GMP facility using finest and purest extracts using Ayurvedic formulations certified by Ayush. We use the best herbs and also refine it further so only 5-10% of the useful part remains and the rest is discarded.

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Customer Reviews

Priy* Surve, 40 -Mumbai

It is trustworthy. Have no Doubts. This is not a gimmicky product. It does not say CURE Cure but Yes, It does show effects within 3-4 days.

Shivam Thakur, 28-New Delhi

After trying all sorts of medicine suggested by various doctorr, I thought of going through a surgery, but at last i wanted to try Dr Piles Free , now I am cured to an extent as if I never had piles before.

Gaytri Gupta, 48-Kolkata

Dr Piles Free gives better results than Homopaethic, which I tried for years in the past, it starts healing from the 3rd day, contains 60 capsules. Reduces strain while excreting.

Naw*z Alam, 45-Uttar Pradesh

I highly recommend Dr Piles free to ones suffering from Bhagandar, Bawasir. It has really helped me.

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